365 Things To Do In Costa Mesa – Revolving Sushi Bar – Day 97

Kura Sushi

This weekend my husband and I went to Kura Sushi over on 17th Street in Costa Mesa.  What a treat! I’ve seen the sign advertising the rotating sushi bar and been dying to visit and it was worth the wait. Great food, fantastic prices, excellent service!

Sushi restaurant

Photo by Holly Schwartz


The sushi bar features plates of sushi that revolve on a conveyor belt around the restaurant. You can sit at the bar or in a booth and order off the belt (pick your very own!)Or you can order from the menu. There’s also rotating desserts… You might want to grab quick because the conveyor belt takes awhile to come back your way:)

Great prices & excellent service

If you get the sushi off the conveyor belt the plates each have a special price according to the design on the plate. You can get a very simple roll for $1.25 and the specialty rolls (like Caterpillar & Rainbow) go for $3.25.

Big Screens Too!

Plus you can watch the games while you eat!!!

What other sushi places do you recommend in Costa Mesa?


212 E 17th St.

Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Feel free to suggest other ideas on the 365 Things To Do In Costa Mesa Facebook page or by emailing hollyschwartzoc@gmail.com. Holly works with Torelli Realty.

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Real estate enthusiast who formerly producered TV shows for HGTV like House Hunters, House Hunters International, and My House is Worth What? Currently provides social media services for Orange County real estate company Torelli Realty and provides home staging and design consultations for clients.
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