365 Things To Do In Costa Mesa – Talbert Park – Day 111

Visit Talbert Park

Talbert Park is for the nature lover in you. It’s approximately 180 acres of preserve. As you walk through the park there are 6 zones, which are all very different and great for a peaceful stroll or an educational experience as you hike.

The Zones

Intensive Use Area

Border Planting

Coastal Strand

Native Grassland

Alluvia Woodland

Wetland Zone

Best Parking

The best access is at the Fairview Park parking lot on Placentia. You’ll have to go through the park and down the slope. The best way to get there is to go down the paved path to the right of the parking lot. Go all the way to the bottom and then turn left where the restrooms are hidden.

What other parks do you enjoy exploring?

Talbert Nature Preserve
1298 Victoria Avenue
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
(949)923-2290 or (949)923-2295

Feel free to suggest other ideas on the 365 Things To Do In Costa Mesa Facebook page or by emailing hollyschwartzoc@gmail.com. Holly works with Torelli Realty.


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Real estate enthusiast who formerly producered TV shows for HGTV like House Hunters, House Hunters International, and My House is Worth What? Currently provides social media services for Orange County real estate company Torelli Realty and provides home staging and design consultations for clients.
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