365 Things To Do In Costa Mesa – Auction and Dinner – Day 180

365 Monday

Two weeks into 2011 and are you wondering where the party of the year will be? Your question is about to be answered… It’s going to be the dinner and auction for the Mesa Verde Classic, which supports local organization Costa Mesa United and it’s next Monday night, January 17, 2011. Yes, the party of the year is on a Monday, that’s how cool this party is!

The dinner is the crowning jewel of a day long golf tournament that has been sold out for weeks at max capacity. It’s going to be held at the exclusive, private country club, the Mesa Verde Country Club, and anyone who pays for a dinner ticket ($75) can attend as long as they sign up in advance to ensure there are enough meals on hand. The food will be wonderful and there will also be a band and auction with prizes that are out of this world. For instance, a night on the town in a hot luxury car, stays at local hotels Hotel Hanford and Pelican Hill Resort & Spa, unlimited personal training, self defense classes, electronics like iPods, surfing lessons, sports registrations, fancy dinners, and WAY more. There’s even a fire hydrant!!!! Hey it’s for charity and the bidding party will be the talk for the next year so why not get in on the action? Be at THE party and help support your community.

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