Share Your Mother’s Day Haikus To the Costa Mesa Community


This Mother’s Day is going to be a unique one; happening in about 3 weeks time on Sunday, May 10th.
Show your mom you’ve been practicing for her during the quarantine and write her a haiku!

What is a haiku?

A Japanese form of poetry consisting of 17 syllables, in three lines of five, seven and five syllables, traditionally evoking images of the natural world. The word is a contraction of the Japanese phrase haikai no ku, meaning “light verse.”

How to write a haiku:

Compose three lines that total 17 syllables
The first line must be five syllables, the second seven syllables, and the third five syllables again
Punctuation and capitalization is up to you
Haikus do not have to rhyme, and repetition of words is permitted

For those looking for a little syllable-counting assistance, can help.

Why haikus?

Haikus are the shorter-in-length sister of sonnets, verses and ballads, so sharing them on social media is easy, and giving your mom a special surprise won’t take up more than 17 syllables.

Give it a try and post yours in the comments!

We would love a chance to feature someone in our community.

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